⁃Lily McNamara team England jazz soloist 2023
⁃What will become of Basildon - film project by Moving House films featuring  Lily, Jess, ellie, Charley
⁃Follow your dream national champions -  Jessica Fair lyrical champ + jazz champ, Ellie wildman song + dance champ, Jess + ellie neo ballet national champs
⁃7 students qualify for dance world cup 2024 with  ballet group Narnia (Teagan Stewart, preah griffiths, destiny Henson, Allegra Mataj, Aurora Mataj, Jessica fair, ellie wildman) and a,so Ellie and Jess qualify with 2 duets
⁃Jessica fair Miss Platinum 2023
⁃Lily successfully gaining a place at performer college with an on the day offer at her audition