Royal ballet

The Royal ballet school has always been a company that Miss Laura admired, and after a 3 stage application process, she was officially invited to train with them in the summer of 2023 to become an affiliate teacher. And we are very pleased to announce Miss Laura successfully passed her assessments and can now proudly call herself an affiliate teacher of the royal ballet

So what does this mean for Virtuoso? All ballet classes at our school will now be following the affiliate training and assessment programme.

The Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme Is a holistic approach to the learning of dance, where as well as performance skills, students will learn about the art form as a
whole: repertoire, choreography, and appreciation. This will enable students
to understand the language of dance by relating what they learn to the diversity of the art from past and current repertoire.

The programme is based on providing high-quality training and not on
student examination. Student progress is benchmarked through assessment
material devised by teachers for their own students, not a pre-set syllabus

Miss Laura is so excited to be delivering this programme to our students and to have the opportunity to bring The Royal Ballet School ethos and expertise to our students